Monokai is the lab of Wimer Hazenberg

(it's also the name of a color palette)

Software projects

  • My Brand New Logo

    A professional design for everyone

    The best part of starting any business is making it real. And there's nothing that creates more impact than a brand new logo.

    In the past, that was an expensive and tedious effort. My Brand New Logo solves that by automating the design process of professional design studios. This gives you access to professional logos at a fraction of the price.

    On top of all that, My Brand New Logo lets you adjust every logo with its unique Smart Shape algorithm. This means you are totally in control to adjust every shape, while its algorithms make sure it always looks good.

    Try it here: []

  • Monokai Pro

    A color palette for professional developers

    Most of my hours are spent in a text editor. In 2006 I customized its colors and saved this preset as "Monokai". Sublime Text adopted it as its default, and it has been remixed and reimplemented in almost all editors ever since.

    In 2017 I launched Monokai Pro as the first commercial theme for text editors. Carefully selected shades of colors and pixel perfect icons are the foundation of an uncompromising, non-distractive user interface.

    The single goal of Monokai Pro is to help you focus. It's available for Sublime Text and Visual Studio code.

    Grab it here: []

  • That Can Be My Next Tweet

    That Can Be My Next Tweet generates your future tweets based on the DNA of your existing messages.

    The idea is simple, the output mostly absurd, but it generally makes people laugh.

    It reached 1M visitors in its first week, generating 2 tweets per second at its peak. The site got featured on Gizmodo, Time, CNN, The Next Web, Mashable and other blogs.

    Try it: []

Expressive works

  • Photos

    Of architecture, forests and humans

    I often carry a camera. Sometimes I try to document the current atmosphere.

    My pictures of the student protests and the occupation of the Maagdenhuis building in 2015 are in the Amsterdam City Archive.

    See here: [Monokai on Flickr]

  • Music


    A long, long time ago I made some music tracks, ranging from electro to drum 'n bass to chiptunes.

    I started with a 4 channel module tracker through a pc speaker, and generally built up my way from there. I made music for movies and for games. My trax were in space.

    Listen here: [Monokai on Spotify]


  • Deep sea stress

    A creature from below

    This creature moves elegantly, but somehow gives unsettling vibes at the same time. You never know what it's up to. It once danced to Bob James.

    [Deep Sea Stress]

  • Ultra Neuron Pong

    AI controlled classic

    Game prototype. The classic pong, fully brain controlled. And you can shoot its neurons to slow your opponent.

    [Ultra Neuron Pong]