Monoslideshow is the ultra customizable Flash® image and video viewer for your site.

Monoslideshow is used on numerous web sites around the world.

That Can Be My Next Tweet

My Next Tweet

Site that generates your personal future tweets based on the DNA of your existing messages.

Featured on Gizmodo, Time, CNN, The Next Web, Mashable and other blogs.



Three EP’s with electronic music ranging from drum ‘n’ bass to techno to electro.

Available on iTunes & Spotify.

Deep Sea Stress

Deep Sea Stress

Play with this intriguing deep sea creature and experiment by changing its physical properties.

Featured on Google Chrome Experiments, Microsoft FrameFest.

Ultra Neuron Pong

Ultra Neuron Pong

The classic pong game is now fully brain controlled. And you can shoot its neurons to pieces.

Featured on Google Chrome Experiments.

That Can Be A Random Story

Random Stories

Generates completely random, pronounceable text that has an underlying syntactic structure.

This is the first result in my quest to generate random books.

An Architects' Coral

Architect's Coral

Geometrical fractals that look like coral as designed by an architect from the future.

The program (made in Processing) was used to render my music album covers.

Portfolio Site

Previous Site

My dusty attic full of photos, music and Flash® experiments.

Back in the days, it had been featured on numerous design sites and received a few awards, including one from FWA.